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We at Media Maniacs bring you a comprehensive ability to deliver efficient Public Relation Solutions across pan INDIA. Backed by a team highly enthusiastic Public Relation professional across diverse business verticals, we derive our strength from our understanding of communication process that works in building corporate reputation management. As a full-service offering, Media Maniacs is focused on building corporate reputation in small medium and large enterprises.

Founded in 2012, Media Maniacs has remarkably grown over years through client and journalist referrals and today, has emerged as one of the most trusted communication and PR agency.


Why Choose Us

What we really know how

Public relation

We provide focussed and high-impact media engagement solutions, which help its clientele build a favourable and long-lasting relationship with the country’s extensive media universe

Digital Media Communication

We specialize in the pull-or-push strategy to influence the customer and sometimes the conjunction of both.

Social Media Promotion

We will make you visible in every platform be it Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Linkedin, Instagram and other most-viewed websites. Our expert team tracks and hosts social media campaigns on Twitter on a daily basis.

Corporate Communication

We provide corporate communication services for companies, functioning as their extension and bringing know-how to control and improve information flow.


We specialize in App building customized to your busines problem

Sector Expertise

What we really know how

Fashion & Lifestyle

Maximum coverage to fashion & lifestyle clients and creating their enviable image both in offline and online media. We are partner to many brands, organizations and institutions and work as spokespersons for those

Digital Media Communication

The world is now one global village which comes under the umbrella of the digital age. With the click of a mouse a brand can be made or destroyed.We specialize in the pull-or-push strategy to influence the customer and sometimes the conjunction of both. Websites, online portals, social networking sites all provide the platform for a brand to go digital and reach every nook and cranny of the corner. We provide a complete solution to your digital marketing needs right from content building to regular update on websites and other portals to search engine optimization, write and develop blogs. Our digital approach is the epitome of ours core philosophy of fuelling effective engagements. Combining highly powerful and omnipotent digital communication tools with hard-hitting messaging, we help our patrons reach out to the audience on influential social media platforms.

Food & Hospitality

Help you chose the right place to enjoy your food with your loved ones we are here to give you food reviews of Restaurants/ Hotels/ Pubs, to keep you informed about all new dishes & flavors in town

Education & Skilling

Media Maniacs has extensive experience working with companies & educational institutes across education and skilling spectrum.

Art & Culture

Media Maniacs Art & Culture team have unparalleled experience developing a diverse selection of projects ranging from architecture and publishing to the visual arts.

Connect With Us

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Surabhi Trivedi

Email: mediamaniacspr@gmail.com
Phone: +91 954-066-0951