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PR for India’s most cost innovative EV
About The Project

PR for India’s most cost innovative EV

Pure EV is committed to drive the future of e-mobility and energy storage systems. We design and manufacture evs and lithium batteries.

Brand collaborated with media maniacs group to do extensive pr activities. Under the collaboration, we did multiple campaigns and got extrmely good response from the media houses. Few of the campaigns are listed below:

  • Pure EV crosses key milestone of filings of one hundred intellectual properties rights.
  • Pure EV to unveils the teaser of flagship model epluto 7g reprise.
  • Pure EV launches the all-new commute electric motorcycle ‘ecodryft’.
  • Pure EV : creates benchmark with first impact report.
  • Number of dealership launches on pan india

Media Maniacs acts as strategic partner for the brand and did successful campaigns in last 6 months.

Scope Of Work For Media Maniacs

  • Brand building and promotion of pure EV using code of ethics and national trends as tools.
  • Profiling of spokesperson of pure EV via various media groups on regular intervals.
  • Initiate media interactions to get maximum footfall and visibility
  • To create/ identify subject for news stories that would help pure EV in achiEV ing its objectives; getting approvals from the company for publishing stories.
  • Media relations on behalf of pure EV is major focus area to initiate new stories as well as featuring in industry participation on regular basis.

Communications Objectives

  • Strengthening the position of the brand and spokesperson as the one of the best in class.
  • Create an awareness about pure EV and its usp’s on pan india.
  • Create a positive perception about the brand and spokesperson.
  • Create thought leadership through contributory articles in order to build knowledge capital.


The biggest challenged we faced in handling the client was few of the fire incidents happened earlier with electric scooters. EV ery EV brand has faced this issue. Brand has been working on the same to control the issue. NEV ertheless, media always wants to talk about the these incidents and crisis management is the most hectic job for pr personnels. HowEV er, Media Maniacs team managed to do the same.

Crisis Management Solution in EV Sector

How We Work

We act as a mediator between media and brands. We focus on leadership profiling and brand profilings. So media get a chance to interact with key spokesperson directly and clear their doubts.